Experience Real Safaris

We are focused on providing safari services which combine creativity and heart. We believe that a safari is rich with sights, smells, sounds and the emotions they give rise to. A Wild Trail Safari is an opportunity to reclaim time for ourselves and just BE.

The Udawalawe National Park is open throughout the year. A ride in the wild jungle is such an adventurous idea for every visitor. While you are on Jeep Safari, you can spot Elephants , Leapords and other wild animals in their natural habitat. Best time to spot wildlife is at the dusk (entering Udawalawe @ 3.30pm) and dawn (entering Udawalawe @ 6.30am). Jeeps can be hired from us at Rs.4000/- for a max of 6people per vehicle and guides are made available by the Wildlife Department. Entrance tickets to the park is $35 for 2 people payable at the park entrance to the Wildlife Department in SL Rupees.